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888 / Backhoe Loader

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Optimum Weight Distribution
The new generation Cukurova Backhoe Loaders are designed to have Optimum Weight Distribution giving safe, stable steering on the highway and provides a solid digging platform.

Improved Performance
CUKUROVA Backhoe Loaders are the ideal combination of concentrated power, safety and extreme user-friendliness. Ergonomically located, control levers are within easy reach of the operator, provides operating comfort and increase productivity.Cukurova was one of the pioneers in using new generation control system for backhoe loaders. This system of hydraulic operated joystick controls, for both backhoe and loader attachments enable operators to spend less effort with much greater precision of movement during working. This system provides better controllability, maintains motion under any flow or load, takes the strain from the operator; increases oil life and reduces oil reservoir temperature.

Excavator Style Comfort
For backhoe, CUKUROVA 885 offers an extra operating comfort by assembling the hydraulic joysticks on separately adjustable backhoe joystick columns placed at the right-left side of the cab. This innovation exceeds the operator demands in so far that they can arrange the columns to their working position by gaining extra space for their free body movement. In this way they feel like they are in an excavator, all the controls are within their easy reach and thus are comfortable while working.

Automatic return to dig system
The 885 provides you with automatic return to dig system as standard to get max efficiency with reduced cycle times by leveling the loader bucket back to dig position with a pull of loader joystick.

Specially designed ROPS/FOPS cab provides perfect operating comfort, excellent visibility with tinted safety glass.

A well designed dash within reach
Sitting in the driver’s seat is a lot like sitting in a automobile. The tiltable front dash provides all switches and controls to be closer to the driver. There’s no stretching, so there’s less fatigue.
On right side dash, a large, easy-to-read, standard operator display features a maintenance indicator, hour meter, fuel level guage, engine oil temperature guage, engine rpm to name a few.

Steering Column
The steering column can be adjusted to an infinite amount of positions for maximum comfort, increased belly room and improved visibility of all indicators by simply pressing the quick-release foot pedal.

Dash Finishes
The dash comes nicely appointed in two finishes: brushed silver (on dashes), ABS (right, supporting dash).

Easy Cab Entry
Sculpted, self-cleaning steps and a full-size grab bar provide an extra measure of safety getting in and out of the cab. Partial opening of cab doors

Three-pieces engine hood
Aerodynamic hood design provides operator to access all the necessary maintenance points easily and quickly thus spending less time and effort.

Hood safety latch
The hood safety latch engages and keeps the hood up, even in the windiest conditions. Disengage the latch by simply flipping it up before closing the hood.

Bolt type cylinder heads
For maintenance and repair Cukurova 888 model Backhoe Loaders supply a lot of noteworthy benefits for the operator. Bolt type cylinder head assembly for cylinders provides quick replacement of cylinder seal kit during the overhaul of the machine keeping the spare parts cost at minimum.

Sealed pins and bushing
Sealed pins and bushings extend the life time
of the linkages of the attachments by preventing the entry of dust or blockages and increases the time between service periods.

Engine type4 stroke diesel,Turbocharged
Engine power100 (74,6) hp/kW
Rated speed2200 rpm
Displacement4,4 L.
Bore and stroke105 X 127 mm
No of cylinders4
Max. torque410 Nm
CoolingWater Cooled and Engine oil Radiator
Electrical System
Battery12/105 V/Ah
Starter3 kW

Drive Train
Transmission DisconnectWith Push Button and Brake System

Travel Speeds
1st (forward/reverse)5,80/5,80 km/h
2nd (forward/reverse)9,60/9,60 km/h
3rd (forward/reverse)21,20/21,20 km/h
4th (forward/-)40,00 km/h

System Typeo-center
Hydraulic pumpTandem Pump
Max. Flow90+64 l/min
Hydraulic oil filterFull flow filter in return line with integrated fine filter area
Hydraulic oil coolerHydraulic and transmission oil cooler
Hydraulic Controls
Backhoe ControlsHydraulic joystick control
Loader ControlHydraulic joystick control

Axle Oscillations±8 ̊
Rear AxleElectro-hydraulic operated differential lock

2 wheel / 4 wheel4 wheel
Service typeHydraulic wet multi-disc
Parking typeMechanical control on rear axle

Loader Attachment
Bucket Capacity1,1m³
Dump Height2865 mm
Lift to full height3440 kg

Backhoe Attachment
Bucket Capacity0,2 m3
Bucket Width600 mm
Digging Depth (retracted - extended)4600 mm / 5800 mm up to 6000 mm

Front 4 WD 16,9-28
Rear 4 WD16,9-28

Operating Weight8700 kg -9750 kg